Aw! This Woman Gave Advice to Her Younger Sister With a TikTok Dance So She’d Pay Attention

26-year-old Rhian Stacks is the older sister to 18-year-old Valentina, a first-year college student. But when Rhian realized that when she was sharing life advice with Valentina, the 18-year-old was too busy learning TikTok dances to pay attention. To remedy this, Rhian started a series of TikTok dances full of life lessons, so her younger sister would learn from her mistakes.


Way to werk that sisterly love, Rhian!


One of the messages shared through Rhian’s TikTok dances was, “Ask your professor for an extension instead of trying to submit your essay at 11:59 p.m.” to the sound of Central Cee’s song “Doja Cat”.


Don’t stop the music! Rhian is nae-naeing to the sound of hard truths!


As the oldest daughter in her family, Rhian often wished she had an older sibling to help guide her through life’s biggest moments.


“I wish someone told me that I wasn’t going to meet the love of my life at a frat house,” Rhian said. “Now, it’s my duty as an older sister to help Valentina learn this unquestionable truth, even if I have to embarrass myself on TikTok to do it.”


Sounds like an eldest sister slay!


Rhian spent hours on TikTok researching different dance trends and learning the algorithm so that she could be sure her TikToks would connect with her sister.


“It was hard at first, I’m not coordinated at all. I had a video go viral on accident because of how bad I am at dancing,” Rhian shared. “Hundreds of teenagers were roasting me, but it’s all worth it if it means I’m being a role model for my little sis.”



We love an artist who takes risks!


When asked what she thought about her sister’s thoughtful TikTok dances, Valentina said, “I can figure things out by myself. I never asked for this. My sister’s little video cutes are cute, but I could do without her twerking her way onto my FYP. I don’t know why she couldn’t just send me a text.”


Sounds like Rhian and Valentina are bonding in the most 21st century way, and we are here for it! Siblings of the TikTok-obsessed take note: if you want your little sib to listen to you, just go viral on TikTok!