Aw! Woman Leaves One Chip in Bag in Case Her Roommate Wants One Chip

In a touching story out of San Diego, CA, 27-year-old Talia Dunn absolutely devoured a new bag of chips, but made sure to leave one chip at the bottom of the bag in case her roommate wanted a little snack.


“We split groceries, so I wasn’t about to finish the whole bag,” Dunn told reporters. “That’s why I only ate 99% of the bag, left a sad, singular chip at the very bottom, then put it back in the pantry.”


We love a thoughtful roommate!


“I told her if she’s going to eat most of the bag anyways to just finish it,” said Dunn’s roommate Valerie Merritt. “There’s no reason to leave one chip at the bottom. Honestly, any less than 10 and they’re just going to sit there until someone eventually throws the bag away. It’s wasteful at that point.”


When reporters informed Dunn of her roommate’s comments, she vehemently disagreed.


“It’s not wasteful!” she said. “I was being kind. It’s the same reason I left a spoonful of ice cream at the bottom of the carton, a handful of Cap’n Crunch dust at the bottom of the box, and half a sip of milk at the bottom of the jug. I was keeping her in mind!”


It’s better than nothing! Kind of!


However, Dunn’s roommate insisted that if Dunn really had been thinking of her, she wouldn’t have consumed the lion’s share of their groceries in one sitting.


“I mean, she could’ve at least had the decency to leave me enough chips to constitute an actual snack,” Merritt said. “Who in the history of the world has ever eaten one chip and thought, ‘Yeah, that’s good enough’? She’s just trying to assuage her guilt from eating all the snacks, but I’m not falling for it.”



Dunn maintained that this was not the case, even going so far as to say that if Merritt didn’t want the last chip, then she would eat it. However, when she went to do so, witnesses confirmed she looked in the bag, whispered “Not enough…” and proceeded to discreetly throw it out.


At press time, Dunn admitted that she might’ve been wrong to leave only one chip in the bag, and promised to never make that mistake again. She was later spotted making a sandwich, leaving nothing but the heel of the bread in the bag, muttering, “Maybe Valerie will want this,” then putting the bag back in the bread basket.