Aw! This Man Supports His Girlfriend’s Dreams Even Though He’s Never Listened to What They Are

While a woman’s aspirations can feel intimidating or threatening to some men, 33-year old Rodney Hill totally supports his girlfriend’s dreams! Although, to be fair, he’s never actually listened to her explain what they are.


Rodney and Michelle have been dating for over a year now, while Michelle has been toiling day and night to achieve her biggest dream. She works long grueling hours, but can always count on Rodney to greet her at home with a warm smile and some words of encouragement. Of course, he always keeps his encouragement broad and vague, since he has no idea what she does or where she goes all day.


“I’m just so proud of Michelle,” says Hill. “She’s just out there doing her thing which is…you know just an amazing thing that I’m proud of.”


Michelle has definitely taken notice.


“Sometimes I just get really down,” she says. “I start thinking about how distant my dreams feel. And how long it might take to get there. When I ask Rodney for advice, he always says that he supports me no matter what and that any decision I make is the right one so he doesn’t want to cloud my judgment. Isn’t that so sweet?!”


Hill says he absolutely does support Michelle’s dreams, he’s just not entirely sure what they are and keeps forgetting to ask.


“She mentioned what she did on our first date,” he says. “But I forgot and then after awhile it was way too awkward to ask.”


He also admits that though she has spoken about her hopes and dreams many more times since, he’s somehow never listening to the exact details and isn’t super sure what some of the words mean. Either way, he’s proud that she has dreams in the first place. Aww!



“Rodney is so amazing,” says Meredith Tam, a friend of Michelle’s. “One time Mich got laid off from a literal dream job and when I mentioned it to Rodney he was like ‘What dream job,’ like he was already saying that it wasn’t going to hold her back or keep her down. I love that! I wish I had a boyfriend like Rodney.”


Hill’s just happy that Michelle’s happy although he does hope that someday he’ll be able to listen long enough to figure out exactly what it is that his girlfriend wants.


“Oh. I want to be a writer,” clarified Michelle. “It’s pretty basic, really.”


Sorry, Michelle we weren’t listening. We were too busy heaping praise onto your perfect guy! Congrats!