Aw! This Couple Moved In Together so They Can Have New Things to Argue About

In an adorable story coming out of Austin, TX, Olivia Brooks and Hayden Ramirez are taking the big leap of moving in together so they can finally argue about brand new things.


Bae goals!


“After dating for four years, we had completely run out of things to quarrel over,” Olivia told reporters. “I mean, you can only really argue about where to go to dinner or which friends of your partner you don’t like so many times before you lose the spark in your relationship, and we knew we had to get that spark back.”


“Exactly,” Hayden added. “We realized that if we moved in together, we’d have so many more things to bicker about. Now that we signed our new lease, the possibilities are almost endless. We can argue about cleaning, having company over, design choices, and best of all, money!”


Olivia and Hayden are thrilled to be starting this new chapter in this relationship, but also admit they have a lot of planning ahead of them.


“Right now I’m really busy packing, researching new furniture, and brainstorming different topics to pick fights about,” Olivia said. “After all, a house isn’t a home until you have an argument in every room of it!”


“I already know we’re going to fight about how to load the dishwasher,” Hayden told reporters. “So I’m spending most of my time writing a speech on why the way I do it is better and the way Olivia does it doesn’t make any sense. I can’t wait!”


So romantic!


Some of the couple’s friends are also eager to see how moving in together benefits their relationship.


“Everyone can tell that Hayden and Olivia really love and care for each other,” Hayden’s friend Brendon Tillman said. “But their relationship did seem a little more passionate in the beginning. I think moving in together will definitely help bring that liveliness back, especially since Olivia hates me and they’ll probably argue a lot about having me over.”



Pretty exciting times for the currently peaceful couple!


At press time, Olivia and Hayden have moved into their new place and reported being happier than ever, while also arguing three times a week about where to hang a shelf they got on Facebook Marketplace.