Aw! This Couple Is Celebrating Two Years Of Him Taking Pictures Of Her

In a heartwarming story out of Seattle, Leslie Wharton and Donald Rappaport are celebrating two years of him taking pictures of her.


“I’m so blessed to have had this incredibly photogenic woman in my life for two whole years,” said Donald. “Taking her picture at restaurants and bars and pretty much any public and taggable location we visit is something I hope to do for many years to come.”


Aw, true love really does exist!


Leslie explained that it wasn’t always smooth sailing.


“He’s actually pretty bad at taking pictures,” she said. “But I get him to try lots of different angles, and that’s what makes us so strong.”


“And also I force him to keep taking pics until he gets a good one. Relationships are about teamwork, you know,” Leslie added.


Way to keep this photo-based romance alive, you two lovebirds!



Friends of the couple are expressing their well-wishes.


“It seems like I was just framing them in a shot together yesterday, I can’t believe it’s already been two years,” said Lena Ford. “I suppose time really flies when you’re constantly posing for or snapping pictures.”


“Yeah, wow, two years of them,” added Frederick DeLuna. “Donald has to have taken over 5000 pictures of Leslie by now. That’s a power couple if I’ve ever seen one.”


And Donald plans to keep it that way.


“I love Leslie,” he explained. “And part of me showing that love to her is taking 52 photos of her standing in front of a beach sunset in almost imperceptibly different poses for like 15 minutes until I take one that’s acceptable for her. In fact, that’s most of our relationship.”


“Like, seriously. We haven’t kissed in months,” Donald added. “Unless it was for, like, a photo.”


Um, can you say relationship goals?!