Brave: This Woman Bought Underwear That Isn’t Black

Houston woman Blythe Leland has shown the world the true meaning of bravery by buying a pair of underwear that isn’t black.


In fact, the 27-year-old marched into Target and valiantly selected the “delicate pastels” 6-pack with the confidence of someone whose period had never surprised her in the middle of a DMV test. Yes, you read that right: this American hero bought mauve, blush, yellow, and white underwear without even factoring in the possibility of period stains.


People across the globe are expressing their admiration for Leland’s bravery.


“It’s like she doesn’t even know the meaning of the word ‘spotting’,” expressed an awestruck Portland woman.


“She has to use one of those period tracker apps,” surmised an Austin native. “And she must remember to enter in enough data so the app is actually effective. I’ve never heard of such a thing.”



A pair of lacy white panties were even placed on the Fearless Girl statue in Leland’s honor.


When asked to explain her bold choice, Leland said, “I just try and anticipate when my period is going to come, so then I don’t have to worry about it getting on my underwear. Do some people just bleed all over their black underwear and then keep it in rotation because the stains aren’t visible?”


Haha, definitely not us!


This isn’t the first time that Leland has made a heroic choice of undergarment. A few months ago, she risked it all by dropping $200 on some white satin La Perla panties. And way back when she was 14 years old – yes, back when she was a period novice – she bought white polka dot underwear from Aerie without a second thought.



While Leland might seem like a mythological figure who has never randomly made up a date when her doctor asks when her last period was, Leland wants you to know that she’s just like the rest of us. “My period has definitely taken my by surprise. One time on an airplane, and another time during my nephew’s DJ set. It ruined by underwear, but then I just bought new underwear. It wasn’t a big deal.”


Rumor has it that Leland has already topped herself: she was recently spotted buying a tight white ribbed tanktop as though pit stains were a thing of the past!