This Woman’s Love Language is Calling People ‘Dude’

There are a few common love languages that people resonate with – acts of service, quality time, etc. – but for Ashley Mendez of Fair Lawn, NJ, her love language is calling people “dude.”


“I’ve never hung out with Ashley without her saying dude, like, a million times,” says friend Thomas Heath. “It’s how I know she loves me.”


Ashley is known to call someone dude when they’re being annoying, dumb, loveable, or when she’s just trying to get their attention when they’re about to walk into something.


“What? These are my dudes,” Ashley explains, unsure why we’re questioning this label that she applies to every single member of her friends and family.



Recently, Ashley’s mother, Camila, made a particularly good Macaroni, to which Ashley remarked, “Oh my god, dude, this is nuts!”


“Some people would question that, but she’s called me dude for years,” explains Camila. “It’s her way of showing she cares.”


“Duuude,” Ashley responds with faux embarrassment.


Dude indeed, Ashley!