Feminist Hero? This Man’s Friends Are Actually Good Guys When You Get to Know Them

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In a true demonstration of championing women’s liberation, 24-year-old Hudson Pritchett’s friends are actually good guys – you really just have to get to know them.


“My friends don’t necessarily understand the nuances of, like, PC culture in the way I do,” said male icon Hudson. “They might be a little more rough around the edges, but if you just give them a chance and then many more chances, you’ll see that they’re totally great dudes.”


Luckily for the state of fairness in the world, Hudson’s advocacy isn’t going unnoticed.


“The first time I met Hudson’s friends I remember I was really uncomfortable the whole evening,” said Hudson’s girlfriend, Fatima Lang. “All the questions they asked me seemed insincere and kind of like they were making fun of me, but when I brought it up to Hudson he insisted I just needed to get to know them better, and I’m so glad I did because after all this time of being around them, I can honestly say I hardly even notice when they’re sexist anymore.”


Wow! Leave it to Hudson to carve out safe spaces for women by pressuring them to stay in unsafe spaces until they get used to it!



But despite all of Hudson’s hard work, there are still those who will never feel it’s enough.


“Frankly, Hudson’s friends have already proven to me that they’re not good guys, so I have no desire to spend more time getting to know them,” said a new friend and coworker of Hudson’s, Blair Reich. “I have no doubt that they’re very nice to him, but that doesn’t actually make them good people.”


Well, there will always be haters, but with friends as chill as Hudson’s, most people are bound to have their backs.


“I don’t see it,” said Blair’s boyfriend, Lars Wyatt. “Blair told me Hudson’s friends were the worst, but then I met them and they were super cool to me, so, I mean, I can only fairly judge what I’ve directly experienced.”


Talk about a voice of reason!


If there’s one person who’s sure to spot sexist behavior, it’s the feminist king Hudson Pritchett, and if he vouches for these guys, then that’s good enough for us!


Thank you, Hudson!