5 Wines That Say, ‘I Chose This for the Animal on the Label’

They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but can you judge a wine by its label? We believe so! If you haven’t done your research about which wines pair with what, and you’re also afraid to ask anyone working in the store, then here are five wines that say, “I definitely just chose this because of the cool animal on the label!”


Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon ($6.99)

Yellow Tail is a popular, dependable, and inexpensive wine that many people enjoy, making it a safe bet to bring to almost any occasion. Plus, no one will probably realize that you only picked it because of the kangaroo on the bottle. It looks pretty cool, right? Animals are so cool.


Tussock Jumper Shiraz ($11)

You obviously chose this wine because not only does it have a koala on it, but the koala is also wearing a tiny little sweater. Actually, every type of wine that this company makes has a different animal wearing a red jumper, but you choose this one because koalas are the coolest. You should probably just tell people it’s your favorite winery so you can collect them all!


14 Hands Merlot ($12)

14 Hands is another wine that’s usually a crowd favorite – partly for the price point, and partly for the cool horses on the front. It looks like fine art, sort of, but also horses! I mean, what could taste bad with a horse on the label?!


El Concierto White Wine ($9.99)

There’s a lot going on with this wine – not so much because of its underlying notes of anything, but more because it has a donkey with two little birds sitting on its back! How cute is that?! Also, all three animals’ eyes are censored, and you don’t really get what that means, but it’s still sooo cute, right? Right??


Boutinot Longue-Dog 2012 ($13.99)

You clearly got this wine because not only is there a wiener dog on the label, but the dog’s long body goes all the way around the bottle! You won’t even care what this wine tastes like because you get to look at this classy dog the whole time you drink it, but if anyone asks, just tell them you got it because it’s French, sort of!



Even though you probably know absolutely nothing about wine, and you likely never will, you can count on any of these wines that say, “I don’t know what I’m doing, but look at this adorable animal on the label!” We also have no idea if any of these wines actually taste good, but you can be the judge!