QUIZ: Is it a ‘Hyperfixation’ or Do You Just Like Something?

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With more access to the internet and the various sites that allow us to diagnose ourselves with different mental conditions, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether you’re neurodivergent, or if you just found something that you’re interested in. If you simply can’t tell between the two, then take the quiz below to find out whether you’re hyperfixating, or if you just kind of like something!


Do you live with ADHD, autism, or a mental illness?

  1. Yes.
  2. I don’t know, but probably, right? Right??


When you’re super interested in something, how much time do you spend thinking about it, or participating in it?

  1. So much time! It’s hard not to think about it. I dream about it for months on end.
  2. Only when I have nothing else to do – you know, like a hobby.


When you’re engrossed in something, do you find yourself tuning the rest of the world out (ex. losing track of time, forgetting to eat, not hearing people talk to you, etc)?

  1. Yes! It happens everytime.
  2. I mean, I get really into things, but I don’t forget to eat! That’s kind of over the top.


Did you know about hyperfixations before downloading TikTok?

  1. Yes, I’ve done it all my life.
  2. Well, now that you mention it…


Do you find that you’re more productive when you’re hyperfixating on something?

  1. Definitely.
  2. No. I only hyperfixate when I want to chill out, or when I want to get attention for hyperfixating.




Mostly 1s: We’re no doctor, but it’s very likely that you have a hyperfixation. Congratulations!

Mostly 2s: You probably don’t have a hyperfixation — you just like something a lot, and that’s okay! Not everything has to be a symptom of an underlying mental condition. Being neurotypical may be boring, but it’s nothing to be ashamed of! You also might wanna take a small break from TikTok.