Richest Friend Just ‘Doesn’t Like To Cook’ and Would Rather Order In

While debating what to eat with friends this Saturday, 37-year-old Kendra Boxer shared that she “doesn’t really like to cook” and would rather order in.


Sources confirm that Boxer makes over $300,000 a year as a junior partner at a law firm, while most of her friends make under six figures.


“I just hate cooking and I avoid it whenever I can,” says Boxer. “I would so much rather order in a healthy meal or go out to a nice restaurant. That’s just me.”


Many of Boxer’s friends have expressed frustration over what she believes is an innate personality trait.


“Kendra orders custom salads everyday,” says Riley Kittridge, Boxer’s friend from high school. “As a public school teacher, I bring a tupperware of chicken, rice and broccoli to work everyday. It’s not my fave but I’d prefer to be able to afford one vacation a year.”


Boxer has ensured it has nothing to do with money and everything to do with her lack of culinary skill.


“I order in because it’s no-stress, healthy and easy and I really don’t know how to cook like Riley,” says Boxer. “I wish I wanted to cook, I just don’t have the energy to leave work then exhaust myself in the kitchen preparing a meal.”


Friends confirm that Boxer seems to be unaware of their drastically different incomes, and the idea that one may have to do something that they just don’t feel like doing.



“I asked Kendra to lunch so I could pick her brain and she said she knew a cute little place around the corner,” says Lila Koster, Boxer’s 24-year-old assistant. “We ended up splitting the bill at this a French restaurant that serves $40 entrees. David Schwimmer was eating there, but I’m not sure if I’m going to make rent this month.”


“My husband’s medical bills were astronomical last year, and Kendra’s advice was to invest in a meal delivery service,” says friend Sabine Goldstein. “It’s like she doesn’t even know that a meal can cost less than 20 dollars.”


At the conclusion of this interview, Boxer’s put her hand to her rumbling stomach.


“Looks like I’m hungry!!” she said, as she whipped her phone out. “I’m thinking sushi. And a lot of it!!”