4 Black Friday Deals You Can Make with The Devil

Black Friday is just around the corner! But Black Friday isn’t just the day when you can luck out on great deals ­– it’s also a time when you can communicate with the devil more easily due to all the capitalistic evil in the air. So if you’re interested in saving money and finally making that perfect deal with the Devil, then keep reading below for four Black Friday deals that you can make with Satan himself.


LG 80 Series 65” Alexa Built-in, 4K UHD Smart TV ($646.99, or eternal damnation)

Black Friday is known for its great deals on electronics, but not many people know that you can get an even better price when you make a deal with the devil. Afterall, why pay the retail price of $646.99 for a flat screen, when you could get one for free if you give your soul up to Satan instead? Just something to consider!


UGG Women’s Classic Mini II Winter Boot ($149.95, or the rest of your life doing the devil’s bidding)

Winter is the perfect time to get these cute and comfy boots, but if you’re short on cash you might want to think about spending the rest of your life catering to the devil’s wishes. Just think about how warm and cozy you’ll be with your Uggs on, and the presence of Lucifer constantly circling around you!


Nespresso Vertuo Espresso Machine ($119.96, or becoming a demon right then and there)

If you’re a big coffee-head, then you know there’s nothing better than making your own coffee at home just the way you like it. Sure, you could buy this espresso machine for over a hundred dollars, but why not pocket that cash and become a demon right after you get it instead? Even if you’re hellbound, you’ll still enjoy that perfect cup of coffee each and every day.



Vitamix Blender ($289.95, or giving your firstborn child to Satan)

Who needs a kid when you have a blender with a high performance motor and ten variable speeds? This is obviously a way better deal than spending almost $300. You can also have more kids after giving your firstborn up to the devil, but if you give another one to him you can also get the Immersion Blender, Vitamix’s hand-held blending tool!


So if you’re tired of doing the same thing for Black Friday every year, or you just want to get the best gifts for even cheaper, then look no further for the best Black Friday deals you can make with the devil. You might end up regretting it, but who cares! Happy Holidays!