Impressive! This Female Doctor Specializes in Neurology AND Getting Asked When the Real Doctor Is Coming In

After opening her own practice in upstate New York last month, board certified neurologist Erica Warren is excited to offer her services as a doctor specializing in neurology, as well as getting asked when the real doctor is coming in.


What an impressive combination of experiences!


Sources who’ve worked under Dr. Warren confirm their boss is exceptional at her job, which is mostly getting asked when to expect the actual doctor and what his name is.


“She’s has made some major achievements in the field neurology, paired with even more experience in being mistaken for a nurse,” says Francisco Drapa, who is on Warren’s front office staff. “She should be getting paid so much more for the energy she spends every day proving herself as a legitimate doctor.”


But she still only gets paid one salary! Amazing!


“This is my practice. My picture is on the website. I don’t understand how people don’t deduce that I am the doctor,” says Warren. “My whole career I’ve dealt with male patients thinking I don’t know as much as the male residents or even interns. It’s exhausting.”


Dr. Warren reportedly sees anywhere from seven to fifteen patients a day. Earlier this week, she had a particularly difficult patient who, despite learning she was the neurologist, demanded to see a male doctor.


“I calmly showed him my degree from Mount Sinai hanging on my wall. I showed him a certificate from John Hopkins and my license to practice medicine. Sadly, this had nothing to do with the reason he was seeing me. Most men who don’t believe I’m the doctor don’t suffer from brain damage.”



Yes, girl, way be an expert in neurology and men not trusting you! Woo!


“I hope someday I’ll be able to walk into a room and it will be understood that I deserve to occupy this space,” she says. “But I don’t see that happening in my lifetime. Maybe in my daughter’s lifetime, though.”


Wow, she’s a mom too? Turns out this woman has three specialties, even though she spends most of her time explaining to men that she’s not a nurse, gynecologist, or random woman who wandered into an exam room! Color us impressed!