Amazing! This Daughter Is The Reason Her Daddy Thinks Rape Is a No-No

Most men have no idea what is right and what is wrong. Is it okay to murder? Is it cool to squeeze a stranger’s body without asking first? And, of course, the biggest question of all: Is rape good? One daughter is setting the record straight! By simply being born, she’s the reason her daddy thinks rape is a no-no. Amazing!


“Rape is one of the most violent, traumatic crimes that a human being can commit,” daughter Jenny Pruden says. “And if it weren’t for me, my daddy might not know that.”


Wow, Jenny! The love of a daughter truly knows no bounds!


“Every time an instance of sexual assault comes to light, I have to find a way to understand that it’s wrong,” papa Kevin Pruden says. “Then I remember I have a daughter who could be raped someday, and that would be bad, because I love my daughter—and that’s why rape is not good.”


Incredible! All a dada needs is a sweet angel to remind him that women’s bodies are their own.


“You just have to remember that every woman is a daughter,” Kevin elaborates. “And that’s what makes rape bad.”



How’s that for an inspo daddio! He knows that rape is ba-ba and creates long-lasted trauma that make you feel sick in the tummy!


Jenny’s not perfect, though—her power as a daughter doesn’t necessarily translate to her role as a sister.


“Yeah, my brother stalked one of his exes and pinned her up against a wall,” she says.


Jenny’s brave pop pop agrees—until you have a daughter, you just don’t get it!


“I kept trying to explain—you can’t do that, that girl is somebody’s daughter,” Kevin says. “What more could I have done?”


One day after he bullies a woman into marrying him, he’ll have his own amazing daughter whose existence proves that rape is yucky bad!


Mr. Rogers once said in a crisis to “look for the helpers,” but we think in the case of sexual assault, look for the daughters!


You’ll be surprised how literally every woman is a daughter, and that you should really care about them! Just ask their daddies!