Wow! This Powerful CEO Is Running A Whole Company Yet Still Wearing The Wrong Size Bra

Lily Cannon has been working in the finance world all her life and has beaten the odds by rising to the top of her company. She has managed to rise up the ranks to CEO and manage hundreds of employees, all while wearing the completely wrong size bra.


We’re simply amazed anyone could live like this!


“I’ve gone through eight years of school, working day and night to get to where I am,” said Lily Cannon. “But yeah, the whole ‘right size’ thing is the one lesson i never got down. Why?”


Cannon is living proof that success doesn’t mean you’re superior at everything.



“It looks like she’s wearing a wearing a 38 when everyone knows you need to have a tight band for the best fit,” said co-worker Rita Weert. “But she’s a really amazing leader and I don’t think that really matters?”


“I’ve had a lot of other, more important things to focus on,” Lily said readjusting the wire from poking her side. “I’ve actually spent all my time becoming the first female CEO at this company.”


We’re with you girl, you’ve been busy! Sure!!


Other employees have remarked that they haven’t noticed she was wearing the wrong size bra, and that it would be weird if they had noticed.


This hasn’t just been from lack of trying for Lily: The few times she’d gone into these stores, as opposed to buying a three-pack of Hanes bras from Amazon, her experiences were confusing at best.


“It’s weird because the first time I went in, a woman helped me and got what she claimed was the right size,” says Lily. “Then the next time I went in they said that’s size was wrong too. I don’t really have time for any of this.”


Get it, girl!