Touching! These Friends Died Reassuring Each Other They Could Both Pull Off Culottes

Every once in awhile, a pair of friends comes along that redefines what it means to be BFFs. Kate Schroeder and Lauren Delancey are the most recent duo to inspire the world after tragically passing away while trying to convince each other that they could both “definitely pull off culottes.”


According to a Facebook post from Delancey’s cousin Nicole, the two suddenly collapsed from exhaustion in a Zara dressing room where the two went back and forth trying to convince each other that they both looked “super hot” in wide-legged, cut-off linen pants for over seven hours.


“We are told that her last words were ‘Honestly, Kate, I think they make your ankles look better,’ in response to her friend’s concerns over her ‘sturdy ankles.’”


Now that’s what we call friendship goals!

These women, who weren’t famous and never considered themselves “activists,’ have impacted an entire generation of culotte-wearers with their friendship and determination, even in the face off bell-bottom trousers that hit the leg in an “awkward place.”


If this doesn’t make you want to call up your girlfriends and remind them that no matter how short their legs are, no matter how wide their hips are, that they can def pull off these wide-legged beauties, we don’t know what will!


Schroeder and Delancey’s story has since gone viral on social media and has garnered an outpouring of sympathy and support from other women inspired by Schroeder and Delancey’s blind commitment to making culottes work.



“On that fateful day it was culottes, but those two dedicated their whole lives to reassuring each other that they could rock trendy, adventurous, and downright questionable outfits,” commented one of their mutual friends from high school. “Whether it was shift dresses, ombre hair, or gladiator sandals, Kate and Lauren were always the first ones to incessantly convince each other that they should both totally be taking more risks with fashion.”


Cue our uncontrollable sobbing! Seriously; we can’t fucking stop!


Even though their friendship ended far too soon, it’s so touching to know that they died how they lived: spending every single second worrying that their calves looked weird in culottes.