Goals! This Woman’s Boyfriend Memorized Both Her Sober and Drunk Taco Bell Order

In a Titanic-esque tale of true love and devotion, 26-year-old Kayla Reed just found out that her boyfriend Dan has memorized both her sober Taco Bell order, as well as her drunk one.


Romance isn’t dead after all!


“It was so sweet!” Kayla gushed to reporters. “He knew that when I’m sober I like to get one Crunchwrap Supreme and a Baja Blast Freeze, and when I’m drunk I like to get two Crunchwraps Supremes, a Beefy Five-Layer, and to pass out in bed before I eat any of it. He’s definitely the one.”


Yes, girl! Keep him!


Kayla also said her boyfriend knew her Starbucks order for when she’s working versus when she’s just being fun and silly, as well as her Dunkin’ order for when she’s feeling guilty about getting Starbucks too often.


Kayla later admitted that this has always been what she’s been looking for in a partner.


“Yeah, flowers are great or whatever,” she said. “But for him to know that when I’m sober I just want a few packets of hot sauce, but when I’m drunk, I want as many as he can fit in the bag? That’s marriage material!”


Sources claimed that knowing her various Taco Bell orders is what propelled Kayla to make things official with her boyfriend in the first place.


“I knew Dan was the one because Kayla is truly the most authentic version of herself when she’s with him,” Kayla’s friend Anna told reporters. “And that version of herself just happens to be the one who drunk-orders half the Taco Bell menu on the weekends, and also sometimes goes there during the work week for a sober lunch.”



“I’ve just never felt truly seen like that in my life,” Kayla said. “Of course, I always liked him, and now love almost everything about him. But the moment he brought me the correct items off the Taco Bell menu without me even having to ask was the moment I was like, ‘Okay, this guy might be the guy.’”


At press time, Dan had gone to the grocery store and returned with a small sweet treat for Kayla without even having to be told, prompting Kayla to propose to him on the spot.