Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything, Except A Map Of The Old Mine Just Outside Of Town

We all have that person in our lives when it comes to gifts: the person who literally has everything they need. Well, almost everything. There’s also our intuition whispering in our ear, give them the map, the map of the old mine just outside town. We don’t know why, but it feels important – plus you’ve just had it hanging around all these years since great uncle Willy died there. So here are some of our favorite gifts for this tricky person on your list:


The Map of the Old Mine Just Outside Town

Seriously, just give it to them. You didn’t know why you were even saving that old map until now, December 2019, when you suddenly felt this strong urge to give them the map. So do it. You won’t know why until later, but clearly this is the only gift this person needs. Why else did the map fall off the shelf this morning right when you were wondering to yourself, “What should I get them this year?…”


A Flashlight with Batteries

Sure, they have everything they currently need, but when they find themselves inexplicably pulled to start exploring the old mine, which goes much deeper than anyone realized, they’re gonna wish they had more than their iPhone flashlight.


A Peanut Butter Sandwich

Again, this person can afford anything they want, but sometimes there’s nothing like a homemade meal, even if it is just a little old sandwich. Plus, when they discover a hidden passage deep in the mine and can’t find their way out, they’ll be glad to have a little sustenance.



A Water Bottle

Yes, when you show up on their doorstep with this pack of supplies, they are going to think you’re crazy. What the hell does this all mean? You don’t know. But a little whisper inside you both will tell you to look into the mine. And don’t forget to hydraaaate. And that’s really all you can do at this point.


There you have it, the perfect gifts for the person who has everything! Good luck and watch out for the ghost of old Willy!