What Do You Get The Person Who Has Everything? Something. Because You Still Have To

There’s a person on every holiday shopping list who has everything – whether it’s your loaded stepdad, wealthy sister-in-law, or the president of your company. While it would be the right thing for them to just stop accepting gifts altogether, here are some strategies in the meantime to help cross that illusive name off your list:


1. Practical Gifts

What could Aunt Nina, whose lifestyle is so excessive that it must be tied to some kind of criminal activity even want? Nothing. So, get her something she may need: a car First-Aid Kit, jumper cables, high-powered flashlight, a lockbox, or a fake passport.


2. Homemade Gifts

Are you great at crafting handmade wooden ornaments? No? Just put some pretty beads on a string, and smile big while your boyfriend’s venture capitalist Dad sees his new bracelet. You’ll seem so proud of your creation; he cannot help but to wear it.



3. Gifts That Benefit You

Uncle Jerry prefers watching movies in his own home theater. But you love the movies! Get him that $100 gift card to the theater and he may re-gift it…right back to you!


4. Photos Of Themselves

If your second cousin/heir to a fortune “cherishes memories over objects,” put some memorable photos of them in a tasteful, ornate frame. Like that one of your cousin and Prince Harry playing poker, from when he took that three-month trip around the world last year, “just because.”


5. Certificate For Free Hugs

This worked on your grandparents when you were seven years old, so why not now? Show some love to your cranky old wealthy acquaintance, and you might just end up as the only one in their will.