How To Let The Waitress Know That You Aren’t Normally A Dessert Person, But Everything Just Looks So Good Here

Going out to eat can be such an ordeal! There’s the waiting, the expense, and the guilt over not wanting your waitress to think you’re some kind of dessert person! Don’t sweat it: here are some tips for having your cake and not seeming like a cake person, too!


Play hard-to-get.
When the waitress asks if you’d like to see the dessert menu, say something non-committal like, “Whatever,” “I guess I’ll look,” or “If you want to bring it, sure, but I really don’t care.” Would a dessert person be so ambivalent? I don’t think so!


Ask for two spoons.
By making it clear that you’ll be sharing a dish, you’re letting the waitress know that you’re SO not a dessert person. You can’t even fathom finishing one little molten chocolate cake! You’re totally in control.


Say, “I just want one bite.”
Who can argue with that? It’s not like you’re some big dessert person who’s going to wolf down the whole thing. You just want a taste. You can stop anytime you want. Dessert people can’t stop; that’s the difference.



Talk about how you’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow.
Letting the waitress know about the big run you have planned for tomorrow is a great way to look like the opposite of a dessert person. If you work it off less than 24 hours later, it’s almost like you didn’t even have the cake! And you’re definitely not going to have dessert tomorrow. Tomorrow is a fresh start.


Mention that you aren’t normally a dessert person, but everything just looks so good here.
When in doubt, just be honest: ordering dessert is completely out of character for you. In fact, you gave up dessert in January and it hasn’t even been that hard. Usually you’re not even tempted, but these desserts? These desserts. When throwing it all away like this, it’s important to make it very clear to the waitress that you are simply a foodie and appreciate the quality of the culinary artwork at this establishment and you are most definitely NOT a dessert person who would just go and order everything off of the menu.


Take it from us: when it comes to judgey waitresses, the best defense is a good dessert defense! Armed with these tips, you’ll be enjoying your final course and feeling as in control as could be. Oh, how sweet it is!