4 Hearty Winter Stews to Make You Feel Like a Cold, Lonesome Prairie Wife

Winter is on its way, and you’re craving something warm that will really “stick to your ribs.” When the wind’s kicking up so hard it feels like you’re staring across a cold dark prairie waiting for your husband to return from town, only soups and stews will do. Here are five hearty stews to make you feel like you haven’t spoken to a soul in days, except for the oxen.



Classic Beef Stew

We’d be dumber than a donkey not to mention beef stew on this list. Chew the fat to warm your bones and feel like a weary woman, living on the range. If you’ve not already yoked yourself a man, you’ll be sure to attract a famished pale-faced fella with a pot of this. Just don’t expect him to be a man of words.


Escarole and White Bean Soup

When times are tough, at least you can dig up some dry beans from the root cellar. Oh, you live in a four-story walkup? Still, this soup will have you murmuring to yourself, “I wish Lawrence were back from his travels by now. I don’t like the looka that sky over yonder.”


Tomato Soup

Even though you genuinely like this soup, something about will have you worrying, I wish we had more. A crust of bread or a bit of cheese. But this’ll have to do for today.



Instant Pot Split Pea Soup

Be careful not to burn your tongue on this thick soup, or out of nowhere you’ll hear Gerald laughing, “Women ain’t got no more sense than a hound dog” and you’ll be reminded that this is the only company you keep, this darn man (In your head of course – you’re still a millennial!).


There they are, four tasty, filling soups, that’ll have you feeling all alone with nothin’ but the sounds of the deer and the antelope.