Aw! Random Person on Reddit From 10 Years Ago Going Through Exact Same Thing as You Are Right Now

In a heartwarming tale of people coming together, you just discovered that a random person on Reddit actually went through the exact same thing that you are going through right now, over a decade ago.


“I thought I was the only one who had ever experienced something like this,” you told reporters. “But then I Google-searched ‘bad nausea but like all day every day except when I’m lying flat plus when I close my eyes I feel a deep-seated dread that I can’t shake for hours Reddit’ and found that user20586436694 actually went through the exact same thing about 10 years ago. I don’t know, I guess it just makes me feel less alone.”


“I mean, it’s nice to know that a complete stranger – they could be dead right now for all I know – experienced the same thing that I’m going through right now, but back in 2013,” you continued. “Granted, their other posts made me question if I could really relate to their experience – I’m not that big into the power-washing scene – but, still, stumbling upon the original post was a godsend.”


When asked if this Reddit thread helped you overcome your current situation, you weren’t confident that it did, but were in good spirits nonetheless.


“The thread wasn’t that helpful for me, specifically,” you said. “There was a lot happening in 2013 that I think this person was grappling with. Like, from what I can tell, Whitey Bulger getting sentenced to life in prison for some reason really impacted this individual, and that isn’t something that’s super relevant to my life in 2023, or, like, ever.”



You added that even though the thread didn’t end up relating to your own experience as much as you had hoped, the overall vibe of the comment section really brought you some peace.


“I love seeing people come together to help somebody else,” you continued. “The community that rallied around user20586436694 was beautiful. It really made me see that even though I might feel alone right now, there are people out there who I could empathize with and lean on, specifically CoconutCreamPieGuy4 and DeathComes4UsAll. They were such sweethearts in user20586436694’s comment section.”


At press time, you added that simply knowing someone out there made a Reddit post about the thing you’re experiencing right now was validating in and of itself.


“It’s just nice to know I’m not overreacting,” you explained. “Before I saw this post, I was starting to wonder if everyone felt nauseous during every waking moment in which they weren’t lying down and were just like, ‘Yeah, this is normal’. It’s nice to know that this isn’t the case, at least for me and user20586436694.”