I Cured My UTI By Just Drinking Water. Now I’m A Homeopath.

I’ve always been a skeptic. Since I was young, I’ve needed solid evidence and done my own research to determine if something was legit or not. It’s why I love science, and why I don’t really buy into alternative healing practices. But recently, something happened to me that has taken that perspective and shaken it to its core. I cured my UTI by just drinking more water. Now, I fully believe in homeopathy.


It all started a few days ago when I woke up with a nasty UTI. But instead of heading to the walk-in clinic and getting some antibiotics, I decided to just chug a ton of water with the hopes of flushing it out. Well, I did and it worked. The next morning, I woke up with my bladder feeling totally healthy again. The morning after that, I woke up with a full certification in homeopathic medicine lying on my bathroom sink. I can’t say I expected it, but I can say I deserved it.


Some people are a little incredulous of me, which I totally understand: I didn’t believe in any of this woowoo medicine before that fateful UTI. But homeopathy is all about “like curing like,” that is, a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person would cure those same symptoms in a sick person. So, in knowing that drinking like 15 gallons of water would cause the symptoms of me peeing a bunch without a urinary tract infection, doing the same would cure me of having to pee a bunch with a urinary tract infection. It’s simple math. I know, it doesn’t make sense at first, but I am living proof that homeopathy has at least one useful application.



Now, I feel empowered to open my own homeopathic healing practice. And while I can pretty much only advise people to drink a metric ton of water (for all ailments) and just wait and see if it helps, that one bit of advice has cured my patients of everything from dry skin to chapped lips to headaches. That is how I know homeopathy is real and that is how I know I am a true homeopath.


As someone who went to school for accounting, I know that l don’t have any formal medical training to speak of. But I’ve found my calling. I was destined to be a homeopath, I was put on this earth to help people discover the powers of alternative medicine, and I will fight for the right to continue this incredible practice until the day I die. And when I eventually do, it will certainly not be from a UTI.