Timehop Reveals Sasha Peaked Three Years Ago

Couple - Reductress

32-year-old Sasha Peterson recently began sharing Timehop on her social media accounts, making it glaringly obvious that her life peaked exactly three years ago.


“I didn’t realize her life had slowed down until I saw how well she was doing three years ago,” says Clara Grace, Peterson’s Facebook friend. “Around this time back then, Sasha was traveling in the world with her boyfriend and in the best shape of her life. Her more recent posts are just some poorly lit photos of some quiche recipe she tried.”


Peterson set up Timehop to share all activity on her Facebook and Twitter accounts, which has allowed all of her acquaintances to plainly see that 2012 was her year. It’s also made it public knowledge that the intervening years have gone steadily downhill for her.


“I never noticed how well she was doing three years ago, until Sasha started posting Timehops of herself snorkeling with sea turtles and meeting Shaquille O’Neal,” says Instagram follower, Yoga Jason. “Now she only Instagrams her dog, which is not even that cute now that he’s so much older.”


“I think Sasha knows exactly what she’s doing,” says Terry Peterson, Sasha’s mother, a glass of white Zinfandel in hand. “My daughter’s glory days passed around this time three years ago. And a mother always knows when her daughter is failing. That’s our job, after all.”



Peterson’s Timehop posts from 2012 are impressive, even to an outsider’s eye. Exactly three years ago today, she bought a house with her boyfriend. The picture she shared on Twitter shows them jumping mid-air in front of the house and holding the signed lease, with the caption, “There goes the neighborhood! :)” The Timehop post got 65 likes, which is 63 more likes than the picture of a cup of coffee she posted a few weeks ago, with the caption, “Hard to believe this is the last coffee I’ll have in our home together. Back to solo life, I guess. :(”


“It’s hard to watch,” says Timehop CEO and Founder Jonathan Wegener. “I wanted people to see where they’ve been, but for past-their-prime users like Sasha, it’s a painful reminder that the good times are dead and gone. This is never what I intended.”


Last week, Sasha posted a Timehop of the day she finished her third half marathon, raising over $10,000 to fight cancer. More recently, one of her tweets emphasized that she is “glued to the couch” and “still looking for a job!!!”


It’s unfortunate that Sasha has seen the peak of her life pass, but this time next year, she can relive the moments she lived three years ago all over again.


“I know it’s silly,” says Sasha, petting her aging Yorkie as she Instagrams a Timehop of herself waterskiing in Croatia, “but I think it’s fun to remember the exciting things I’ve done.”