Woman Makes Hobby Out of Over-Analyzing Stuff She Said 4 Years Ago

Phoenix resident Leslie Holland is making an effort to branch out and find new interests. And it’s working because this young woman has discovered a new favorite hobby: over-analyzing something insignificant she said years ago.


“I was looking for a new way to spend my free time,” said Leslie. “Something that would require creative focus and maybe give me a new perspective on things. Overthinking frivolous shit I said a while ago gives me an outlet to accomplish both!”


Leslie went on to explain how passionate she has become about her newfound pastime.


“Ruminating over things that I said years ago and that no one else remembers but keeps me up at night has been so exciting for me,” she said. “I’ve thought about the time in high school I lied and told my crush I was into Phish for some reason, I’ve thought about the time at summer camp that I accidentally said my counselor’s name a little weird. It’s so fun and mentally exhausting!”


“Hobbies are supposed to bring you joy. Mine brings me unnecessary emotional stress, but that’s kinda the same thing,” Leslie added.


Friends of Leslie are becoming concerned.


‘When Leslie told me she had a new hobby, I was really happy for her,” said Esther Li, a longtime friend. “I figured she got into needlepoint or something like that. But lately all she does is ask me about the time we went to a concert in eleventh grade and she told the dude standing behind us that she liked his hat but he didn’t hear her. I just…can’t. It was years ago and it didn’t matter!”


“If she tells me one more time what she actually meant when she told her grandbig that her hair was ‘blonde-ish’ I’m going to lose it,” said Megan Doone, Leslie’s sorority sister. “Overthinking pointless things you said in your past doesn’t count as a hobby, it’s just something Leslie spends a lot of time and mental effort doing. She should get into birdwatching or something.”


But for Leslie, the excitement she feels over her new passion hasn’t waned.



“Not only do I have an enjoyable new way to spend my free time, I also get to reminisce while I’m doing it,” said Leslie. “My life just feels so much more full now that I spend most of my waking moments freaking out that I said something that maybe came off in a strange way years and years ago.”


“If that’s not a hobby, then I don’t know what is!” she added. “Wait, was that a weird thing to say?”