Aromatherapy? This Woman Spilled Coffee on the Carpet

In an inspiring story from Madison, WI, 31-year old Leslie Manning discovered a new aromatherapy technique by simply spilling coffee on her carpet.


“I knocked over my cup of joe this morning, and coffee got all over my rug,” said Leslie. “I was gonna go clean it up with a towel, but then I stopped, because it’s kind of not the worst thing I could’ve spilled. Like, who doesn’t love the smell of coffee?”


Leslie reportedly just let the stain sit there for the next couple of hours, mostly out of laziness, but also because the smell wasn’t all that bad.


“I mean, it’s not like I spilled milk or anything,” she said. “It’s coffee. I love coffee. So it’s basically aromatherapy!”


So true, DIY queen!


After four hours, the coffee reportedly completely seeped through the rug and hardwood floor, and the smell of light-roast pour over radiated through her whole apartment.


“It’s a single-origin coffee,” Leslie said. “So, it’s kind of like an essential oil?”


Move over, eucalyptus and sandalwood, because the smell of Costa Rican Tarrazu is filling up this apartment!


“Ahhhh,” said Leslie. “Oh yeah. I’m feelin’ the rejuvenation. My soul is actually so fucking free right now.”



Let yourself relax, girl! You deserve it!


Leslie even claims she might stop drinking coffee altogether, and instead just get her caffeine through this niche aromatherapy technique.


“I’m getting both the relaxation of an essential oil, and the alertness of coffee. It’s both an upper and a downer,” Leslie said. “Plus, I’m probably getting a stronger caffeine kick this way, since I’m basically huffing it.”


Yup, sounds plausible!


“I think next time, I’m gonna spill a caffè latte, to put myself in a ‘weekend in Milan’ kind of mindset. Ooh, or maybe I’ll knock over something matcha-based?”


Keep up the incredible self-care, Leslie!