Aww! This Woman Gave Her Plant a Little Sip of Coffee

In a heartwarming story out of Brooklyn, NY, Ray Decker treated her favorite Monstera houseplant to a little sip of coffee earlier this afternoon.


“I’m not always the greatest at remembering to water my plants on a regular schedule,” Ray explains. “So I just give them some water out of my cup whenever I think to do it.”


It was this same logic that led Ray to give her evergreen tropical plant a little sip of her leftover French press iced coffee.



“I was drinking my iced coffee with oat milk when I looked over at my plant next to my desk, and I just thought, ‘Coffee is so good. Surely my plant would like to have a little.’”


While Ray feels she’s taken her green thumb to the next level with this sweet, intimate gesture, she has faced some haters and naysayers.


“Well obviously you shouldn’t give a plant coffee,” says local plant shop employee Puja Shekhar. “At least I don’t think? It seems insane.”


“But you know actually, I’m Googling it now, and I’m kind of getting mixed answers,” Puja adds. “I guess I would just generally advise to give your plants water because that’s widely accepted as necessary, and the jury seems to be out on coffee. The oat milk definitely feels like a no, though.”


But Ray doesn’t see it that way.


“No one ever says, ‘Let’s get together for a glass of water,’” Ray says. “I think my Monstera appreciated being let in on my daily ritual. I think we both feel a bit closer now.”


“But with that being said, she is looking a bit droopy,” Ray adds. “Maybe she needs an espresso!”


Aww – get it a croissant, while you’re out!