Are You Ready to Move in Together or Do You Still Need Time to Explain What Mid-Century Boho Is?

At some point you and bae might start asking the age-old question: “Should we move in together?” While living together is more intimate and a smarter financial choice, you shouldn’t rush into something you’re both not ready for, especially when it comes to establishing your decor. Does your partner know what mid-century boho is? Here’s how to know if you have the compatible decor styles required for happily cohabitating:


What’s your partner’s overall aesthetic?

  1. Their style is pretty conventional and standard.
  2. They’re eclectic. It’s hard to pin down one distinct category.


When traveling, who picks the AirBnB?

  1. 100% me. I’m the one with the eye for bright, relaxing places.
  2. Whoever has the time! I trust them to find somewhere that’s vintage with some new-ish renovations.


What’s their at-home office setup like?

  1. They recently got a standing desk.
  2. Desk, bed, couch, kitchen counter. Wherever they’re vibing.


What’s their favorite material?

  1. Hanes cotton shirts, khaki, dri-fit golf polos.
  2. Warm wood tones, woven planters, wiry pendants. Vibey stuff.


Have they ever hung a movie poster in their bedroom before?

  1. They went through this phase in college with Quentin Tarantino, Space Jam, and How I Met Your Mother posters.
  2. They don’t have enough room with all their large round mirrors and small potted plants on floating shelves!


Do they have any framed pieces of fine art?

  1. A framed picture of us I gifted to them for the holidays one year.
  2. Yes, it’s like a curated gallery wall.


Is their family anything like the stones in The Family Stone?

  1. Not really, but they mean well!
  2. Dianne Keaton vibes, all the way.




Mostly 1’s: You might need a little more time! They seem very “Target”, but that’s not a deal breaker! Take a trip to Ikea, browse through the Urban Outfitters website together, and have a chat. It sounds like they get the mid-century thing, but not boho. It’s possible they just haven’t discovered juxtaposing colorful pieces yet!

Mostly 2’s: You two sound compatible! They’re already blending interior design styles and have art en masse. Go combine incomes and buy some expensive pillows! Lean art pieces on a refurbished mantel! Big, geometric furniture! Ottomans! Layer, layer, layer!!!