8 High-Pitched Screams Guaranteed To At Least Make Him Look At You

Having trouble getting your crush’s attention? Well, have you tried screaming at him? These sexy yelling tips are guaranteed to at least make him instinctively turn and face you, even if afterward he looks away and asks, “What is wrong with her?”


Short and Shrill: “EEK!”

Keep it brief but make it pack a punch. There’s no way he’ll be able to stop his neck from craning around to stare at you to see if someone has been attacked. What a hunk!


Long and Loud: “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Like most men, your crush probably loves the sound of a foghorn because boats are manly and make him hard. Let out a long, full scream so that he’ll look over to see if you’ve been catastrophically injured.


Vocal Fry: “Ughhhhhh!”

The Kardashian women are famous for their vocal fry. They’re super hot, and he would definitely look at them. Verbally express your inner angst with as much vocal fry as you can, and he’ll look over to see if a prettier girl is yelling about needing a drink. He’s sooo cute!


Shout his Name: “JAAAAAAACOOOBBBB!!!”

He might ignore you when you say his name at a normal volume, but if you scream it with a megaphone, he’s going to look at you because he will be trying to memorize your face to avoid it later. HI JACOB!!!



The One From Psycho: “AHHHHHHHH! Ow! Yow! Oh. AHHH!!! No. AHHH! Oh.”

Guys love a classic look on a lady, and what scream is more classic than the one from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho? If you impress him with this reference, he might even start mansplaining film history at you. AhhhhMG!


The Lyrics to his Favorite Song: “AND WE’RE LIVIN’ HERE IN ALLENTOWWWWWN!!!”

Scream those Billy Joel lyrics loud and proud, because if you’re lucky, he’ll not only look at you, but he’ll think, “Huh, that girl I care nothing about happens to share my musical taste.” Helloooo!!


Fire: “FIRE!”

Yelling fire in a crowded theater is illegal, but he will definitely notice you as the cops pull you out. Maybe he’ll remember you when you try to talk to him in history class next time you’re going over protected speech. HOTT.


Glass-Shattering Shriek: “EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

If you straight up shatter a glass with your voice, your crush will have no choice but to accept your existence. Jay-cu-cu-cu-ub-b-b-b-b-b I WANT-T-T YOoOoU!


We can’t promise that your crush will reciprocate any feelings, but we definitely can say that these screams will at least make him know that you’re “that girl who’s always screaming.” That’s something, right?