5 Omens That He’s Into You

Relationships can be hard to figure out—if you’re not good at spotting omens! You want to know how he really feels, so stop looking at his texts, and start looking at the world around you. Open your eyes to the omens that shall finally foretell good fortune: He’s totally into you!


The crying of a newborn child can be heard when he texts you for no reason.

The next time he texts you out of the blue in the middle of the day to say something like, “thinkin’ bout you!” or, “last night was soo fun,” listen for the sound of a newborn child wailing alongside the chime of your iPhone. The louder the haunting wail, the more this guy has got it bad!


The north winds blow against the side of your cheek when he finally asks you out on a date.

He’s been flirting with you for a while and finally asks you out on a date—and, better yet, actually calls it one! But how do you know if he likes you?! Simple. Just point your face in the direction of the Black Sea, and if the north winds caress the side of your cheek, then congrats, girl! He’s jonesin’ on you, fo’ sho!



The crash of thunder gives way to church bells when he tenderly brushes the hair from your face.

It’s date number three and he’s walking you back to your door when he suddenly stops, looks deeply into your eyes, and brushes back the loose wisp of hair that’s fallen across your face. Mixed signals like this can be hard to decode, but you can be sure that if you hear a peal of thunder coming from the heavens immediately followed by the clang of church bells, he def wants you, you minx!


A cat sits at your feet and will not leave when he kisses you.

He’s kissing you, but how can you be sure his affections are sincere? If a calico cat sits at your feet and won’t leave no matter how hard you try to shake it off during your hot and steamy makeout sesh, then you can bet this guy wants to be more than just friends.


A sparrow perches on your left shoulder when he looks deeply into your eyes and says, “I love you.”

This can be a tricky one to figure out. He says he loves you, but guys can be so confusing! How can you know for sure?! Easy: Observe the sparrow perched on your shoulder. Is the left wing higher than the right? If so, he’s totally into you! Otherwise, sorry, girl. He’d probably rather vomit on your face.


Now that you know he likes you, consult a crystal ball or your local crone to figure out whether or not you should pursue the relationship!