7 Best Websites to Buy Self-Esteem

Mark Twain once said, “The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself.” But that was before anyone got dumped via text message for having weird boobs. Check out these seven websites that will buy you some self-esteem, and make you forget all about that weird scar on your chest!


ModCloth offers retro style and modern staples, with great plus-sized options that will flatter any figure and hide your biggest demons. Plus, their furnishings section is straight out of all the Pinterest DIY projects that you’ll never have the confidence to actually do!

Perfect for: A free-spirited woman who is considering going to grad school.


ASOS is a great place to find that next little black dress, since you drank too many vodka Red Bulls and puked on your other one. You are pretty sure you don’t have a problem, but now you’re a little less sure? A cute dress should help.

Perfect for: A girl who works hard but plays harder and whose one-night stand won’t return her text messages.


Nasty Gal
Nasty Gal’s collection of edgy and cool is so ahead of the curve that you’ll be a total trendsetter! Their bold patterns and unique material choices will have everyone admiring you for your fashion and not your sweatpants rash.

Perfect for: A lady in the streets and also a lady in the sheets because of your crippling fear of intimacy.


Why pay vintage store prices when you can get the same used clothing on eBay? The clothes might be slightly damaged, but who isn’t?

Perfect for: Gals who like their clothes covered in mildew.


Whether you’re going to a music festival or just spending a lazy weekend bumming around the beach, Choices has the hottest trends to fix that self-esteem ASAP! These outfits are so cute that your fury will be justified when no one takes your picture at a party!

Perfect for:The woman who wants to believe that a kimono isn’t just a robe that you can wear outside without people asking if you’re depressed.


Technically not a clothing store, but a required stop for the self-worth boost! Trying to get your life together? Adopt a guinea pig! Just remember that we accept the love we think we deserve and you deserve better than a snake.

Perfect for: Someone who has time and money for a pet, and doesn’t need to leave the house in order to have fun!