6 Trendy Bangles That Tell Coworkers ‘I Don’t Take My Responsibilities as Fire Marshal Seriously’

Volunteering as the office fire marshal is a great way to show your boss that you’re a capable and proactive member of the company—and get a new LinkedIn badge! But your colleagues may take this as a sign that you’re a total corporate shill, and they might just start avoiding you out of fear of saying the wrong thing. Just because you took on hours of training for an unpaid position doesn’t mean you’re a killjoy narc! Wearing bangles to work will demonstrate that you have flair, and don’t care that much about safety protocol, which is lame. Here are six bracelet sets that are guaranteed to dazzle your coworkers so they forget you are the fire marshal, and remember to invite you out next Thursday!


1. Forever 21 Mirrored Bangle Set (Forever 21, $6.90)1Forever21-Bangle

You may be wearing relaxed fit slacks (someone’s got to lead the charge down Service Stairway G, and you just e-signed some documents saying it would be you!), but you can still walk like an Egyptian wearing these shiny gold bangles. Sure, you’re a Senior Account Director, and are now responsible for 48 lives (49 if you count Jarrett’s daughter, who’s not on the staff list but today is visiting the office and playing with your label maker). But in your heart, you’ll be forever 21.



2. Hermes Charniere Uni (Hermes, $660)2Hermes-Bangle

This enamel bangle from Hermes is sturdy and industrial looking. It’s also a bold statement that will definitely draw everyone’s attention to your chic taste and away from your non-slip, steel-toed boots. Just because you put safety first doesn’t mean you can’t be fashion-forward!





3. Giles & Brother Original Railroad Spike Cuff (Giles & Brother, $100)3GilesandBrother-Bangle

If you have slender wrists, this unisex bangle will fall off quickly. You’ll spend most of your time willing this wide-cuffed conversation piece to stay on your arm, and literally none of your time thinking about that noxious odor coming from the server room.





4. Tibetan Mantra Copper Bracelet (National Geographic Store, $24)4Wood-Bangle

This copper bangle was hand-hammered in Kathmandu, which will make you seem worldly but still approachable. The Tibetan mantra “Om mani padme hum” overlaid on the face of the bracelet will have coworker’s asking “ooOOoo, what does that mean?” instead of, “Where is the rope ladder? My lungs are full of smoke.” You’re a hero, but like, a chill one!





5. Claire’s Striped Bangle Bracelet Set of 3 (Claire’s, $3)5Claires-Bangle

Nothing says “young at heart” quiet like a mint-green plastic bangle. These bracelets are meant for children, so in addition to lending a bit of levity to your outfit, they will also be useful in coaxing Jarrett’s terrified daughter out of the supply cabinet through the smoke and away to safety.





When you become office fire marshal, it’s important to be vigilant, but it’s more important to maintain your IDGAF vibes. Wearing any of these bangles will help send the message to coworkers that you aren’t full of yourself just because you are now technically a lifesaver.