Aunt Betty Finds Another Way To Misspell ‘Quarantine’

In a shocking story out of Nashville, it appears that Aunt Betty has discovered yet another way to misspell the word “quarantine.”


“Hope your doing okay in quarentine!” Aunt Betty wrote in an email to you. “Love you xxx.”


Aunt Betty, who is driving poor Uncle Irving absolutely insane, seems to be going out of her way to find new and creative misspellings.


“I hope that life in quarintene is teaching us all about what really matters,” she posted on her Facebook page. “Having food to eat, a roof over our heads, and the love of our friends and family!!!!”


“Maybe quorantine was what our society needed all along,” Aunt Betty added, getting pretty close this time.


Family members have reported that she is absolutely doing this on purpose.


“Betty was a bio researcher for many years,” said her sister, Leona. “She definitely knows how to spell ‘quarantine.’ She also knows how to spell her nieces’ and nephews’ names too, but she messes them up on every birthday card anyway. Not sure what her deal is.”



“Yeah, I know for a fact that she normally doesn’t have any actual trouble spelling,” said husband Irving. “It’s not an underlying medical thing. I don’t know why she’s doing this.”


“But I’m not gonna push the issue,” Irving added. “As long as she’s misspelling quarantine on Facebook all day, she’s out of my hair.”


“I guess that Irving isn’t feeling as grateful for this quarinteen as I am,” texted Aunt Betty.