6 Successful Women Under 30 You Could Still Cut Down by Calling ‘Honey’

lorde - reductress

They’re young. They’re beautiful. They’re world-renowned. And their budding confidence just may be nascent enough to topple when you call them “honey.” Sure, you thought you’d accomplish more by the time you hit the big 3-0, but who says these young, successful, bright assholes have to have all the fun? Just slip in a quick “Oh, honey” before any sentence when interacting with these fresh-faced celebs and feel that instant rush of superiority.


1. Hailee Steinfeld

This talented actress is only 21 and has already been nominated for an Academy Award! Meanwhile, you’ve been waiting for that promotion for eight years. A quick, “Excuse me, honey,” when you’re walking around her at Whole Foods should really do the trick.


2. Lorde

Singer-songwriter Lorde burst onto the scene with her fresh take on celebrity culture. Plus, she looks like a cool witch you’re kind of afraid of. But don’t be scared! Just give her a caring pat on the back, some unsolicited advice in a baby voice, and a touch of “honey”: “It’s okay, honey, you’ll grow into your voice soon enough.” Those deep purple lips will be sealed with self-doubt in no time.



3. Emma Watson

This Harry Potter star is pure magic. Not only has she been in the movies you love, she’s also an activist for women’s equality. We bet just one more condescending remark will send her spiraling and reestablish your sense of self, so go ahead and tweet, “Awww, Emma Watson is such a cutie little honey sweetie!!!”


4. Zendaya

She’s a triple threat: a singer, dancer, and actress. Still, don’t let this ingénue’s beauty and grace get in the way of your self-esteem. Put her in her place with an infantilizing nickname to show her you’re better than her: “You looked so cute on the red carpet at the Oscars, honey.”


5. Maria Sharapova

She’s an incredible tennis player and a household name, and this 28-year-old dynamo could definitely be knocked down a few notches. Try a passing remark to highlight her youth and its impending doom, like, “Hon, appreciate that body while you can!”



6. Adele

This 27-year-old singer just wrote an album about being 25, which is filled with heartache and brooding ballads. Next time you see this best-selling, record-breaking artist, make sure to subtly (but not too subtly) make a remark like, “Just wait ‘til you’re 35, honey!” She deserves it.


There you have it! Six super cool celebs to love and admire, and then cut down when you’re feeling a little underappreciated. Who says the young ones get to have all the fun?