6 Devil’s Advocates You’ll Date In Your Twenties

Your 20s are a time to make mistakes. You’ll live in a basement apartment, be perpetually hung over, and go on dates with self-identified devil’s advocates. Here are guys who proudly represent an unpleasant perspective you’ve definitely never considered before that you’ll date before you turn 30.


The Free Thinker Who Reminds You That Men And Women Are Biologically Different

You know he’s a feminist, because he started your conversation at the bar with “Of course I’m a feminist,” but he does want you to consider that everything has a limit, even equality. He’s totally a feminist but men and women have totally different reproductive purposes, which naturally makes them equipped for different social roles. Can’t argue with science.


The Rebel Who’s Concerned That No One Will Join The Police Force

This guy has spent no time imagining what it would feel like to be afraid of the cops and a lot of time thinking about the societal consequences of a stigmatized police force. He just wants to make sure you see all sides because that’s his job as a person on a date with you.


The Free Spirit Who Points Out That Anita Sarkeesian Is No Saint

No discussion of online harassment is complete without a character analysis of the harassed—at least when you go out to coffee with the guy from work. Hey, he’s not the enemy here, but as a member of the gaming community, he thinks he should be the one talking about GamerGate.


This Non-conformist Who Feels Like He Wouldn’t Survive On A College Campus These Days

Sure, there were some reasonable activists, like those in the ‘60s, but the guy you hooked up with a few times would be literally terrified to say anything on a college campus these days for fear of being buried by the PC police. And he’s the kind of guy they should want on their side!



This Lone Wolf Who Thinks A Trump Presidency Is What This Country Needs

Maybe you haven’t considered that things need to get really, really bad before they get better. He’s not the bad guy here, he’s just a white guy with an honest question; wouldn’t it be at least interesting to see how it turns out?


This Innovator Who Thinks They Should Make Original Stories With Women In Them, Not Reboots

While you’re probably too emotionally invested in movies like Ghostbusters to see that there really isn’t a lot of artistic merit there, this guy from Tinder has the benefit of an outsider perspective. He thinks that they should start making original movies about women, but if they already have, he hasn’t seen them. They must not have been marketed well.


While you’ll go on many dates with devil’s advocates before your 30s, it’s important to remember that you can break up with them immediately. Have fun out there!