Prostate-Teasing Sex Moves To Pretend He Is But a Puppet

Is your sex life getting dull? It could be that you’re overlooking one of your man’s most sensitive erogenous zones tucked away in the dewey recesses of his rectum. Adding some prostate play to your repertoire will get him going, as you pretend you’re controlling him like a lifeless puppet subject only to your absolute will, for he is but a puppet!


Go finger!

Working “male clit” may be daunting at first. Before you’re ready to dive in, try massaging (well-lubricated!) index and middle fingers around his anus, before gently inserting in undulating motions. From there, pretend he’s a giant finger puppet you can control at will.


Get to multitasking!

If you’ve got a free hand during sex, you’re doing something horribly wrong! Practice your multitasking by adding a sneaky pinky up his bum during oral. He’ll love the unexpected stimulation of his penis and highly sensitive prostate; you’ll love imagining you’re using him as a mute little puppet you can bend to your will. Dance, puppet, dance!



Let’s hear it for the toys!

Now that you’re comfortable navigating your man’s backdoor, it’s time to invite some friends over to play! Anal beads, dildos, vibrators, plugs, and strap-ons are all perfect invitees to the party. Toys can help you stimulate his prostate in a way you may not be able to with your hands and mouth. Use your new silicon friends as accessories in your transformation of your partner into a dumb and docile Mr. Potatohead, whom you can build per your version and toy with to your endless delight! Bow before me, puppet!!!


Did someone order the poo-poo platter?

Ready to go to town and use your mouth? Start with an easy flat-tongued brush of his anus, and gradually progress to quick flicks. Whisper into his hairy little asshole, “Bow to my whims, my meek little puppet. You stand silent before me, your golden master.” Insert a fist and you’ve got yourself your own floppy little puppet who can neither talk nor act, but merely articulate your desires with passive obedience. You did it! He is your puppet now!


With these tips, you’re ready to try out some fun new prostate-friendly moves and to ascend to the role of unimpeachable puppet-master over your weak, little plaything of a boyfriend. He’ll be screaming for more, or, because you’re controlling him, delivering a thoughtfully worded treatise on your boundless, blinding power. Now get out there and have some fun!