6 Date Ideas That Are Easier Than Admitting It’s Not Working Out

Planning dates can be tough, but you know what’s tougher? Admitting that your relationship is falling apart. If you feel problems arising in your relationship, here are some fun date ideas to help force them down into deep denial that this relationship didn’t work out in the way that you’d hoped. While these dates may take a bit of effort, they don’t even come close to the effort required for you to be truly honest with yourself. Maybe it’s time to find a therapist? Anyway, here are our favorite date ideas:


A Romantic Sleigh Ride

Hiring a private horse, sleigh, and driver will take an enormous amount of work and money, but will be a thousand times easier than acknowledging the distance that has grown between you and your partner. If at any point you feel the truth is too close to coming out, yell a question up to your driver about the “horsepower”. If that fails, just stare at the horse and sigh in a way that could be interpreted as joyful until everything starts to fade away.


Wine Tasting

Take a long drive out to the country, blasting the radio the whole way to prevent the same boring conversation you’ve had over and over again, and enjoy a wine tasting at a vineyard. If your sweetie tries to bring up how communication between the two of you has devolved into icy one-word quips, just drink more wine! Nobody can acknowledge the deepest kind of unhappiness if they have a mouth full of wine!


Scavenger Hunt

Set up an elaborate scavenger hunt around your city, then wait for a morning when your sweetheart seems ready to have “the talk” with you. Then, spring it on them as a way for both of you to avoid what you’ve been dreading for so many months! Nobody can say, “it’s over” if they’re hunting for a treasure you’ve wedged under their car!



Horseback Riding

Sure, you don’t know how to ride a horse, but it’ll be a helpful skill to learn. Especially since you’re planning to gallop away if your partner so much as opens their mouth with any semblance of real, honest conversation about all of this. You are not dealing with this shit on a horse!!


Baking Class

Find a cute local bakery and drag your partner to it. If they start to bring up feeling lost or sad, or that they want to take a new direction in life, stuff their mouth with frosting. Suffocating your problems is pretty much the same thing as solving them, right? Don’t answer that.


Staring into the Void of Your Lives

If your dear one starts to speak, hold up a hand. They’ll know what it means. Hold onto your relationship for another day.


Let these date ideas inspire you to hold onto your crumbling love a little longer! Remember, even if things feel dire, most dates are easier than admitting that things aren’t working out. Happy forcing it!