QUIZ: Is He The One? But Not in the Way You Said Scott Was The One

So you’ve been dating a guy and things are getting pretty serious. But how do you know if you’re supposed to be together forever? It can be tough to tell, especially when you thought Scott was your soul mate and you ended up being really fucking wrong about him. Take this quiz to find out if he’s The One—but definitely not in the way you said Scott was The One because Scott is garbage.


  1. Do you talk about long-term goals like marriage and kids, but in a different way than you did with Scott?


A: We haven’t had that conversation yet—I’m nervous!

B: We talked about it, but it was basically the same conversation as I had with Scott.

C: Yes, this time was different! I told him what I wanted, then said, “Don’t you dare betray me like Scott did.”


  1. Do you feel free to be yourself, without any pressure to “perform” with your partner, kind of like how you did with Scott, but better maybe?


A: No—I still feel like I can’t complain or he’ll get mad, and I always feel like I have to wear makeup in front of him.

B: Yes, I do! I always feel comfortable with my partners.

C: Totally. I make a point of saying, “I’m not your little puppet,” and then I show him my asshole because that’s the only thing I kept from Scott.


  1. Are you the best version of yourself around him? Even better than you were with Scott cause it’s different this time, okay??


A: No. My partner brings out feelings like anger and jealousy in me.

B: Yes! I feel happy and proud to be myself when I’m around him.

C: I think so… I vigorously compare notes from my journal from when I was with Scott to what I’m feeling now and I think I’m happier now. I’m not sleeping.





Mostly A’s: Uh-oh! This partner is not the guy for you. You have problems with communication and aren’t on the same page about your future. He may be a great boyfriend for a while, but he’s not The One. All the more reason to be fucking pissed that Scott left you.


Mostly B’s: This is confusing. It seems like this guy might be the one, but in the exact way that it seemed like Scott was the one. Talk about déjà-vu! You need to do some more digging to make sure that your feelings for this guy are the real deal, not like your feelings for Scott, which you refuse to validate.


Mostly C’s: Hooray! This guy is The One, and not like the way that you always said Scott was the one. It’s fucking different this time, okay? You were wrong about Scott and right about this guy and if anyone questions you, they are not invited to the wedding!!!