Quiz: Is He Creepy or Just French?

Everyone knows the allure of a Frenchman – that suave confidence, intensity, and charm – but it’s hard to tell if your guy is French, or just a creepy man. So with this quick quiz, figure out if he’s un beau or un borderline psychopath.


1. When he sees you, does he:

A: Double-kiss you on the cheek?

B: Double-kiss you on the cheek with a French accent?


2. Job-wise, does he:

A: Paint nudes?

B: Paint nudes, Frenchly?


3. When the subject of “women” comes up, does he:

A: Talk about how beautiful the female form is?

B: Talk about how beautiful female form is while opening a bottle of Château Mouton?


4. When giving gifts, does he buy you:

A: Fancy negligees?

B: Fancy negligees while cutting a wheel of Brie for you to share?


5. When it comes to music, does he listen to:

A: Accordion instrumentals?

B: Accordion instrumentals at sidewalk cafes in Paris?


6. When eating together, does he:

A: Talk about the crustiness of a “true” baguette?

B: Talk about the crustiness of a “true” baguette while saying, “I used to work in a boulangerie, which is French?”


7. When you ask him what “escargot” is, does he say:

A: “Snails?”

B: “Zee snails for eating?”



8. When you met, did he:

A: Approach you from afar, compliment you on your dress, and say, “I just had to come over and tell you myself?”

B: Approach you from afar, compliment you on your dress, and say, “Je seulement devais venir et vous dire moi-même,” all dulcet-like?



Mostly A’s…

Sorry, girl, he’s a creep. Get that accordion-swinging, nudie-brained psychopath away from you before he “snail” mails you a picture of you sleeping.

Mostly B’s…

Congrats, girl, he’s French! You have a cultured oil painter on your hands, you American vixen. Once you’re married (and he’s got his visa) it’ll be nothing but kisses, poems, more kisses, and eternal moonlight. Bonne chance!