Hot Trend: The Breast Exam Selfie

There’s a hot new trend taking over the breast cancer awareness movement this season. What is it? The Breast Exam Selfie! How can you get in on it? Simply Instagram, Vine, or blog your monthly self-breast exam. Women all over the country are doing it, including stars like Jennifer Hudson. Here’s a step-by-step guide to rocking the perfect Brelfie:


Cut the clutter.

Just as you shouldn’t have a bunch of junk behind you in a regular selfie, you want to keep your exam distraction-free. Avoid unmade beds, backlighting, awkward background mirrors and other people’s breasts.

Have fun with Accessories.

Play up your brelfie style with hand accessories. Think big rings, wild nail art, and henna tattoos. Just don’t try anything so large that it obscures the breast.



Find your filter.

Try a few filters before posting. Your phone’s default settings might not make your nipples look like the eyes to the soul they truly are.

Toss the tank top.

Remember: Just jugs. No one wants to watch you take out one tit at a time.

Stay stoic.

Let’s face it: Even fashionistas find life-threatening lumps. A sexy pout shows that you’re taking this seriously, but save the sobbing for off-screen. You want to inspire other selfie exams, not frighten your audience.