Pops of Color for Your Wedding Because You’re Still Not Getting Enough Attention

From the flash mob proposal video to the ring pics to the extensive engagement photo shoot, your impending nuptials have gotten you more double-taps than your Instagram has ever experienced. So why do you still feel so #deadinside? Fear not! Jazz up your big day with these bold color palettes and get ready to have all eyes on you like a thousand tiny hands stroking your fragile ego! Demure is SO last century. Grab what is rightfully yours – more attention – with these design hacks:


Not So Bashful Blush

We can’t all have life threatening diabetic seizures a la Julia Roberts’ character in Steel Magnolias, but there are other ways to get a room full of women swarming around you more quickly than Sally Fields can grab a cup of orange juice. Take a cue from this quintessential movie bride and make pink your signature color, but amp up the saturation and go neon for a modern twist on this soft bridal palate. Be every bit the blushing bride in a trendy neon blush wedding gown and sashay down the aisle with enough false modesty for a thousand sweet-tea-sipping Southern belles. Add pops of pink on his tux, in your hair, on your eyelids, and your exposed garter. These days, being girly and being an attention whore are not mutually exclusive, and we just can’t get enough! Your wedding guests will certainly be looking at you.



Patriotic Red White and Blue

If you love your country almost as much as you love your own reflection, this patriotic palate is for you! Forget saluting the flag – with a bride draped in bold cobalt blue pumps, a crisp white tulle dress, and a bright crimson lip, your guests will be pledging allegiance to the United States of YOU. With not one but two garish primary colors in your wedding, you’ll be all set to assert your dominance over lesser weddings. Deck out your bridal party in stars and stripes, and maybe have these pops of color shoot right out of a big old canon! Your big day is sure to feel like one big parade the universe threw just for you!


Safety Yellow and Black

On the road, nobody gets more attention than school buses and taxis, and that’s no accident! Some genius decided to deck them out in what is maybe the penultimate eye catching color combo: golden yellow and black. It’s just a no-brainer choice to incorporate these colors into every element of your wedding imaginable. A sunny triple-decker cake topped with adorable fondant bumblebees, a leopard print photo booth backdrop, the Lego man and woman on top of your cake, and of course an old-school, checkered cab to take you and your betrothed off into the golden sunset! And since yellow is universally flattering to each and every skin tone, your girlfriends will be saying, “all hail the bride” for months to come after your stunning wedding.


Which pop colors will you pick? Tell us below because your opinion is so valuable and important everyone in the universe needs to know about your every thought!