How To Tell What He Really Means When He Says ‘Hail Trump’

It can sometimes feel like some guys are speaking a different language. Whether he’s complimenting your outfit, commenting on the weather, or yelling “Hail Trump” at a rally, guy-speak practically requires its own dictionary! While it’s impossible to truly tell what a man is thinking and whether or not he believes the white race is superior, here are some ways to determine what he really means when says “Hail Trump” in a room full of other men doing the same.


Could “Hail” and “Heil” have different meanings?

The difference between a guy saying “heil” and “hail” is massive. One is an outright reference to the typical Nazi salute of Adolf Hitler. The other is a veiled reference to the typical Nazi salute of Adolf Hitler. It’s important to try and decipher this kind of typical guy gibberish so that his meaning doesn’t get lost in translation!


Did He Raise His Arm In A Salute When He Said It?

Allow us to decode: if your potential beau raised his arm in front of him while he said “Hail Trump” (or was it “Heil?”) it’s likely that he was linking the white nationalism promoted by Donald Trump and his followers to that of the Nazi party. Even then, it’s hard to know for sure. Do you really know what his intentions are? Maybe he was using the salute as an excuse to brush your arm and he really does have feelings for you. Men are so ambiguous!



Did He Say It Ironically?

There are few things that are more of a turnoff for a guy than a girl who doesn’t get his sense of humor. If he said “Hail Trump” with a feisty grin, with a knowing glance at you, or in unison with his hilarious buddies, he might just be joking. No big deal, he’s just a goofball who finds humor in the existence of the alt-right and their white supremacy! Or maybe he’s a Nazi who feels delighted that he can now publicly express his views without fear of rejection. Hmm, that’s a toughie, but it’s important to let a guy have space when he’s having fun. All men are little boys at heart.


Would You Say He Seems Like A Bad Guy?

The best way to figure out what he really means when he says “Hail Trump” is to consider whether he seems like the type of person who would participate in a murderous, racist regime and isn’t just doing it out of ironic exuberance. A guy who is nice to you and whom you wouldn’t mind having sex with probably isn’t a neo-Nazi, right? Right??


Remember, always stay on your guard, and never take the things a guy says at face value. You know men; they’ll say anything in the heat of the moment of a white nationalist rally.