How to Bring a Cuck Home for the Holidays

Visiting family for the holidays is hard enough as it is, but it gets even harder when you’re introducing your loved ones to your new boyfriend who is a huge cuck. If you’re a woman who loves cucks, you know they’re often received by family members with contempt and disdain. Here’s how to unapologetically bring home your preferred cuck while staying mindful of the “real” America your family lives in.


Tell Your Cuck What He’s Walking into

It’s best to give your little cuck a heads up about the situation that awaits him if your family home isn’t like the liberal elite cuck den he grew up in. Explain that this is a home where women bake pies and men shout at the television and his deviancy from that pattern will be noted loudly. His pretentiously collared shirt, predilection for wine over beer, and the fact that he asks if you need anything when he gets up to get himself a drink will elicit shock and disgust from many in attendance. Your cuck may not be aware that his very existence is the opposite of what your family envisions will “make America great again” so it’s best you fill him in beforehand in order to lessen the shock to his delicate cuck system.


Warn Your Family About Your Cuck

Conversely, you should also let your family know you’re bringing your cuck home for the holidays. Explain that he is indeed a cuck–yes, he voted for Shillary and yes, he reads the failing New York Times and yes, he is a beta male who sometimes lets you choose which show to watch. The more they expect a cuck, the more they can get calling him “weak” out of their system in advance.


Find Common Ground

It may be hard to find common interests between your cuck and your cuck-loathing family but surely there is something there that can unite them. Tell your dad, “my cuck guy sometimes likes eating meat, just like you” or have your cuck show your mother that he enjoys playing with the dog. The more your cuck and your fam can get past the cuck label and humanize each other, the better.



Set Boundaries

At some point in the holiday your family will probably come on too strong with your cuck, or vice versa. So if things get out of hand, tell your family that you’re not going to attend family gatherings if they continue to ask your cuck if he “even has any hair on his balls.” Likewise, tell your cuck that if his lectures about how they are “voting against their own interest” are falling on deaf ears, he needs to stop or you’ll have to put him back on his cuck leash.


When you bring your cuck home for the holidays, there’s going to be conflict, but at the end of the day just remember: Family is family and your cuck is your little cuck.