How to Be the Perfect 18-29 Female for His Target Demographic

So you’ve found the right guy for you—he’s smart, attractive, and has an amazing social media presence. The trouble is you just can’t seem to get him to notice you! Ugh, being an 18-29 female is the worst! Here are some helpful tips to find true love by being the perfect 18-29-year-old female in the particular demographic that he is currently targeting.


Study His Personal Brand

The key to being in his target demo is knowing his brand and finding where you fit into it. He wants to pull in a very specific audience (women under 30 who he won’t get arrested for fucking), so you must embody those broad specifics in order to be valuable to him. Rid yourself of any personal nuance if it interferes with the stats, cause nuance can really get in the way of fitting into his key audience. Once your statistical assets meet his needs and the needs of personal brand, he’ll propose a joint venture or partnership with you ASAP!


Stand Out

Sure, he wants to corner the 18-29 female market, but he won’t settle for just any 18-29-year-old female. He wants the best this demographic has to offer. So if you’re having trouble getting him to stop focusing on his brand and start focusing on you, try peppering in just a hint of useful uniqueness, like high-grossing favorite films and restaurants. Diversity is trending, so find a way to show that you’re not only a young woman who falls into another unique but desirable category in 2016. Ethnic diversity is ideal, so if you have it, use it! Just make sure that you’re still very clearly 18-29 and a woman. At the end of the day, those two details are required!



Involve Yourself With His Campaign

Guys love it when you admire their sense of humor or their marketing strategy. Wow him with your in-depth knowledge of the current marketplace climate. Remember, he needs you more than you need him so let him pitch to you, not vice versa. For example, let him notice that you’re a female, and when he asks details about you, share career or education facts that communicate that you’re between the ages 18 and 29. This technique will draw him in and lead to a mutually beneficial relationship. Now that’s love!


Romance can be tricky, but with these hot tips, you’ll be feeling his passion in no time. Or at least you’ll feel as if he has chosen you to be on the receiving end of whatever he is trying to put out there. And that is so cute!