5 Ways to Pregame for Your Brazilian Wax


A Brazilian wax can cause anxiety and fear for even the strongest of women. So why not drink away the stress with these fun pregame ideas? Pick one of the following games and watch your nervousness of having a total stranger mercilessly rip hair off of your vagina just wash away! Pain is beauty, but you can definitely dull that pain with a good buzz!


Watch a sad movie and drink every time it makes you sad.

Pour a glass of wine while watching your favorite sad movie. We’re talking super sad. Marley and Me, Steel Magnolias, or Beaches should do it. Then, take a sip every time something sad happens. Your wax-related pain will be nothing in comparison to the saddest endings in movie history. Plus, that Brazilian will be over before you can finish slurring your way through “Wind Beneath my Wings”!


Play beer pong with some college kids.

This classic drinking game should subdue any anxiety for your impending hair genocide. Hit up a college party and remind yourself of times gone by—the times when your college hookup probably wanted you to be waxed, but never vocalized it as strongly as your current boyfriend, Duncan. After you score some sweet buckets with your beer pong partner, sneak out to the salon. A few Natty Lights in and you’ll be so high on nostalgia, you’ll hardly feel anything down there!



Have a dance party with the girls!

Invite a few girlfriends over for a casual dance party pregame. Once you get your adrenaline going and your blood flowing, rush on over to your aesthetician. You’ll be riding so high on dance endorphins and cocktails that you’ll barely notice when the waxer rips hair out of your woman parts!


Day drinking at the park/beach/pool/outdoor area.

Down a thermos of hot whiskey to distract yourself from dark thoughts, like about how apparently this is what women do to be more attractive nowadays? And Brazilians are the norm and grown men somehow prefer it? And oh my God, why couldn’t you have come of age in the 80s when Brazilians only existed in Brazil? These thoughts will go away once you are drunk outside.


Drink out of a bag at Sea World while watching cute sea creatures.

Find some adorable and hairless sea creatures like dolphins at your local aquarium theater show. These creatures should give you inspiration to have sleek, smooth, and hairless skin and also understand the pain and misery of your situation.


Whatever you do, don’t drink TOO much. You don’t want a hangover and you definitely don’t want to vomit all over your intimidating waxer, Ursula. Follow these pregames and your wax will be over before you know it!