Red Carpet Receives Brazilian Wax For Oscar Sunday

The red carpet for this year’s Academy Awards prepped for the occasion by receiving a Brazilian wax this week, leaving it nearly bare of any red fibers.


Producers of the 87th Academy Awards, airing this Sunday at 8 PM EST on ABC, say they wanted the carpet to look as good a possible and had several highly trained Brazilian wax experts perform the procedure during a wardrobe session this week.


“It wasn’t an easy decision, but ultimately it’s what’s best for the broadcast,” said Oscars producer, Taryn Hurd. “We want the coverage of this year’s Academy Awards to look flawless, and the best way to do that was to violently rip the fibers out of the carpet in one fell swoop.”


With only a couple more days until the Hollywood elite congregate for Oscar Sunday, the carpet has been shaved completely bare. Viewers can expect to see photos and video of the stars entering the Dolby Theater on Hollywood Boulevard on top of a shiny black mat, the base of the red carpet that is usually covered.


“Not only does the shaved carpet look better,” continued Hurd, “but most of the male actors say they prefer it this way.”


“It’s just so much cleaner and easier to manage. Not to mention I don’t have to smell those fibers anymore,” said Best Supporting Actor nominee, Mark Ruffalo.



“Now I don’t have to worry about finding a red strand somewhere on my body when I get home after the show,” says American Sniper star, Bradley Cooper. “I don’t need that.”


“This is my first Oscars, so I don’t know how it used to look” said newcomer Ansel Elgort. “Based off the videos I’ve seen online, though, I always prefer as short a carpet as possible.”


Best Supporting Actor Nominee Robert Duvall will miss the red carpet, saying, “When I was younger, carpets never got waxed. They were big, shaggy, and you were lucky to get to walk on one. These young actors today don’t know what they’re missing out on. I don’t consider it a real carpet unless you can get lost in it.”


The red carpet has been known to change its fiber style. In recent years the carpet has been trimmed shorter and shorter. Many older Oscar fans may remember the wild, untamed era that was the 70s, where actresses like Faye Dunaway and Jane Fonda would routinely trip upon entering the theater.


When asked if there was fear about new red fibers sprouting before the big day, Hurd said they’ve brought on several carpet technicians to shave any red fibers as they appear. That said, be on the lookout Oscar Sunday for any bumps that may appear as the evening progresses!