Earrings That Say Once And For All: I’m Carefree!

You’re an independent, free-spirited woman living life by your own rules. But how can you make sure everyone knows it? One word: EARRINGS! Dangle these baubles from your lobes when you’re out and about, and everyone will think, “There goes a free, swinging spirit!”


Dangling Birds

Do swallows have worries? Do parrots get so stressed out that their friends can’t bear to go for brunch with them any more? Absolutely not—and neither do you! Birds that hang from your ears tell everyone you’re super playful and definitely not terrified about the future. Ha ha!


Smiley Face Studs

Is it a smiley face, or an old-school ecstasy pill? It doesn’t matter to you—you’re carefree, remember? Spread a little joy by sporting these grins on your earlobes. These will also take the pressure off you having to smile if you’re having one of your anxious days.


Huge Hoops

Carefree women don’t worry about things like stretching their earlobe from the weight of an earring, or getting their hoop caught on a passerby, or looking like Nelly Furtado in her 2000 music video for “I’m Like A Bird”. They live for the moment—a moment with huge, impractical hoops. And so do you!


Shining Sun Studs

Next time someone tells you to look on the bright side, that son of a bitch can tell it to your ears. Read ‘em and weep, pal—this is a carefree zone!



Hanging Buddhas

Remember that lunchtime meditation course you thought about doing before you realized it was going to be tricky to fit it in between work, working lunch, and more work? Forget it, girl! Let your Buddha earrings empty their mind of all cares so you can hang on to yours!


Big Feathers

Big dangly feathers say, “I go where the wind takes me,” and also “Don’t get too close or I will get hooked onto the buttons on your jacket.” You’ll look dreamy while still maintaining the distance you need from everyone in your life. You’re a thoroughbred and you gotta ride free!


Earrings are a great way to communicate a carefree attitude to life that some people might not be able to pick up on from your actual attitude to life. So go and accessorize for the life you wish you were carefree enough to have!