5 Tips for Handling Debilitating Depression That Don’t Work

Something essential to understand about enduring debilitating depression is that you can’t. That’s why we’ve gathered the most useless tips that you can try if you want, however they will not help you because they don’t work.



Do you feel plummeted into the depths of despair? Is it hard to move your body, which feels leaden and out of touch with your despondent mind? Well, regular exercise is something that can release serotonin and help maintain mental wellness, but as far as tips for dealing with crushing depression while you’re experiencing it, it’s no good whatsoever! That’s why exercise is our number one tip that does not work. Good luck going for jog! It is impossible and will fix nothing.


Remember your feelings are temporary.

No matter how devastated, numb, and sick with dejection you may feel right now, remembering that these feelings are temporary will be of no help to you. You are currently experiencing them and that is sort of the problem. Feel free to remember this tip; it will not serve you!




If you can manage to put pen to paper, we’ll be majorly impressed, but once you do, you’ll still be at square one. A journal is a judgement free space where you can air out your most depressed thoughts, which will probably make you cry!


Invent a time travel machine and travel to a time when you weren’t depressed.

Making a huge breakthrough in the sophisticated technology of time travel, then using it to create a time travel machine and going back to a time that you weren’t depressed is actually the only tip that would work. But with that being said, time travel doesn’t currently seem to be possible, and how the fuck are you, a person too depressed to take a walk, going to build a time travel machine? You’re not Van Gogh creative depressed, you’re sleeping 14 hours depressed. We guess sleep is sort of time travel…we’ll give you this one because you really need it.


Stay hydrated.

Sorry, we’re legally bound to say it but this also won’t work.


So if you’re dealing an episode of debilitating depression, then try these tips that don’t work! They will not help you, however, some time will pass while you perform these futile tasks, and then you’ll be closer to a time when you don’t feel like this. Sorry that this is part of your life! Go back to bed!