5 Sighs for Taking in the Beauty of the First Snow

As the days get colder, you can’t help but anticipate that glorious first snow. And you want to make the most of that ephemeral moment when you notice it’s finally happening. How can you be sure you’re really absorbing the beauty of everything that will one day turn to dust? Try one of these sighs for that special moment, and watch that powdery white reach new glittery heights.


The Surprised Gasp: “Oh!”

Give yourself a jolt that says, “Oh hey look it’s snowing! Wow. Time moves quick, huh?! Life is full of wonderful little surprises!”


The “It Takes My Breath Away” Coo

Think about majestic wonder as you say this: “Ooooh, snow is soooo beautiful. It’s shimmering. It is really really pretty and soooo cold. I’m going to make some cocoa. With teeny marshmallows! And wrap my fingers around the mug! Oh my gosh, it’s sticking to the trees! Look at that! That’s fucking magical. Coo.”


The Ponderer’s Murmur: “Hmm.”

“Hmm. Y’know it just makes me think. Like about life and the meaning of it all. I’m an artist so I kind of feel the snow. I mean I get snow. Not everyone gets it, but I do. I really just get things. I’m super deep. There it is.”


The Classic: “Ahhh.”

Let out a long slow exhale. “Snow has a sort of timeless quality doesn’t it? It’s a very classy form of precipitation. Very J. Crew.”


The French Boff aka The Modern: “Pfffff.”

“Oh is it that time again? Well life is a spinning wheel of repetition and then we die but I guess I’ll make some mulled wine.”


For every snowfall, and every personality, there is the right sigh to set the mood. So whether you’re a happy go-lucky gal, a moody thinker, or a wistful artist, don’t forget to let everyone know that you’re taking it all in.