5 Incredible Ariana Songs Ariana Should Listen To Right Now

Ariana Grande has gifted us with record upon record of bangers that have healed us during breakups and senseless tragedies. We are so freaking lucky to have Ariana’s tunes in our ears when shit goes down, so it’s time to return the favor and give Ariana her own tunes in her ears when she’s going through a hard time. Here are six incredible Ariana songs that Ariana should absolutely listen to right now. They helped us all!


“No Tears Left to Cry”

Sitting as the most popular song on her 2018 album Sweetener for damn good reason, this song is poppy and gorgeous and gave your audience space to heal after the horrible tragedy that occured in 2017. And we hope you are pickin’ it up, lovin’ livin’ and pickin’ it up! And if you’re not, we get it, and will be here whether there are tears left to cry or not!


“Break Free”

Bitch, if anyone can break free and come out stronger than they were before, it is you! It has been four years since you released this song on your unbelievably fun album My Everything. You have been through so much since then and we cannot believe how strong you emerge every time something shitty happens. Listen up – to yourself!


“God is a woman”

God is a woman, and she’s looking at you and sending you love! At least, we’re pretty sure of it. This song is hot and perfect and reminds men that while they may think they are in charge, the universe has got our backs! And we’ve got your back! Just like you said, “when you try to come for me, I keep flourishing!” Girl, remember when you finger fucked the globe in that video? You are a goddess!!



“Side to Side”

Your music has got us walkin’ side to side! Ha ha! Seriously, this song bops like nobody’s business, and the minute you are ready to get back on the dude horse or even go out dancing for fun, you should listen to this and remember that you are unbelievably sexy and fun and you don’t need a man in your life to make you feel good. Honestly, no man is as good as this song!



Arguably the most powerful song on your new album, we hope you take your own advice and remember that even when the room is spinning and it feels like the sky is falling, you can just keep breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’ and breathin’. Just remember that there is no love affair like the love affair you have with yourself. Find the power within!!


Ariana, we urge you to listen to one of these amazing masterpieces, or truly any of the other ones you’ve ever performed, because your words are perfect and you probably need to hear them right now. We believe in you!